Friday, 22 September 2017

The Art Of Website Conversation

Is your website communicating what you want it to? Ensure your visitors aren’t getting lost here.

With attention spans getting shorter every passing day, the amount of time available to entice and get hold of people’s attention is diminishing rapidly. There was an age of long blog posts and threads which has been reduced to listicles and 140 character tweets now. Though digital medium serves as a free platform for reaching out to your customers, there’s an equal amount of clutter everywhere which can fail the entire purpose behind having a good website. Having relevant content is an important step but presenting it in an apt way is no less. In the race to grab eyeballs, flashy and quirky graphics may work but if the visitor loses his way out after coming on board, it serves no purpose resulting in a lost business opportunity. Creativity is necessary but not at the cost of business. Layouts that are stylish yet simple, lucid enough to navigate easily to the desired destination should be the priority of every website designer. A website is the digital portrait of a brand therefore it is imperative for it to be in sync with the brand ideologies.

Integrating these values along with focused fundamental points of communication necessary to answer estimated customer query instead of generic layouts works wonders. One of the most popular ways to ensure visitors are guided throughout the visit is through customised info graphics. Instead of bulky paragraphs giving out instructions, simple illustrations, icons doing the same are much preferred. As simple as it may sound, industry jargons are best avoided or at least should be simplified for someone who might not be familiar to the terms. Colour schemes are important, choose such colours which don’t have any conflict with colour blind parameters. Search box sizes should be optimum and a web chat service has become quite common these days which help visitors in real time. This helps to retain anyone who for any reason didn’t find what they were looking for but still might choose to stay on because the brand cares enough to provide guidance on the spot, it’s very unlikely for people to wait for a get back to me mail. In all a holistic approach to having clear communication chalking out the benefits and creating strong possible future business leads lies in effective customer conversation. We at Senseware understand this crucial need and strive to chart out proper communication strategies for all our clients.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The rising smartphone saga

If 50 years down the line someone predicted about having the entire world in one’s hand, it would have been laughed off as a joke, a dreamy fictional story. But who knew that one day we’d actually be witnessing the exact phenomena and it would become such an integral part of human’s lives. Money, gold and such valuables were feared to get stolen but in today’s times, an equivalent of that is when one taps their pockets and bags to find their phones missing. How did an electronic device seep in so deeply into everyone’s lives? The answers are not very surprising.

From small, pre-set, heavy handsets with binary uses to smartphones with voice integrated controls and customized settings, mobile phones have surely evolved due to the continuous dynamic demands and preferences of customers. It was a phone so the obviously the expectation was set- communication. It was a huge wonder now to not wait at home for a phone call that you might miss if you stepped out instead you could just do the same now wherever you want. If that wasn’t amazing enough, the fact that one could use it as alarms and torches was such a marvel. Old stereos were replaced with compact radios on the go, thanks to mobiles. Music industry saw a revolution in terms of reach, now with everyone being able to access their favorite songs instead of waiting to get lucky, hoping for it to feature on television or radio. The golden era of enjoying mp3s had arrived which was enhanced further with the introduction of Bluetooth. Photo albums went on to become vintage properties with digital albums being exchanged every minute. 

With India having more phones than toilets, it isn’t very stunning to see the rapid growth of the telecom industry. From being just a device to keep in touch with family and friends, mobile phones now stand to be as personal assistants everyone can have at their beck and call. Shopping, photography, travelling, food, games, news and a whole new gamut of every other service in the world was available is now available just at the tap of a finger. With the advent of Youtube, Vimeo, and other video streaming sites, a new livelihood is now seeing exponential growth in the form of online content makers and influencers. Social media is an inseparable part of every individual’s life, shaping their ideas and minds like never before. With hours being spent on phones per week for entertainment as well as work the future just seems to be a world depended on apps for every basic need. The latest development being phones used as remotes for television and air conditioner, screen casting content through gadgets like ChromeCast, a revolution has been witnessed by this generation and one can only wait to see what other wonders does the future hold in this digital realm.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

EzyMov proves to be a new ray of hope for disabled travellers

In the past decade, goods and services have gone through monumental changes in order to suit the ever-changing demands of consumers. Gone are the days where one had to run from pillar to post in order to fulfill various needs like posting letters, booking tickets, shopping and more. From simple items like groceries to exclusive, customized shopping, salon experience everything is now available on the doorstep with just the click of the button. Brands have always been a step ahead in anticipating the future possible needs of their consumers and have successfully managed to understand the needs in order to deliver tailor made services to rake in huge profits. But in this race of catering to the general audience, many forget the untapped market and rather fail to realize that unconventional services are very much required for people for whom the regular ones don’t serve any good use. Often the pressure to deliver kills the energy and many brands succumb to this pressure becoming victims of challenges, failing to ensure a personal touch to the needs of customers. To go beyond the norm and think out of the box, to have a personal touch making the brand more than just a regular service is what is demanded by the world today.

Ezymov, India’s first wheelchair taxi service which has managed to overturn this challenge threads on the same path with the aim of providing ultimate care and comfort to the physically challenged people. The general idea regarding people with mobility restrictions is always draped with layers of sympathy and pity but Ezymov’s motto is to change this scenario and instead like to portray themselves as empathisers. Their mission is to provide utmost safe and reliable accessible transport service for people suffering from mobility issues and make them "Travel with Dignity." Instead of cramming them in regular modes of transport, Ezymov’s fleet of customized vehicles are designed to provide comfortable, distress free travel by understanding their needs. With a special sensitization training programme for drivers, they are equipped with etiquettes and techniques which help them ensure a smooth experience for their passengers. Latest hydraulic lifts and the safest 4 point wheelchair restraint system are some of the special services available internationally which have been brought to India by Ezymov

Keeping up with the current times, going digital has become an evitable move for every brand, therefore, the plans to revamp their online presence is in the process. Therefore, with the help of Senseware Digital Agency, the goal of a refreshed digital space is on their cards which will enable them to continue this noble cause with renewed vigor and efficiency.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Royal Garden Resorts & Le Collection hop the digital bandwagon

Gone are the days when one could build their business by mere word of mouth and expect it to flourish leaps and bound. Living in this digital era with the influx of technological evolution and modern equipment it has become imperative to keep oneself updated with latest know-hows. Having understood the sheer importance of having a good hold over the online realm, Royal Garden Resorts is one of the latest brands to have undergone a full-fledged digital makeover. With the advent of travel portals which are changing the hospitality and tourism sectors’ scenario completely, it was decided that digital revamping of the brand was required and through a holistically planned strategy they were able to achieve this goal successfully.

They chose to abide by the 4 M mantra, planned marketing on all digital platforms, efficient management of online information, organized monitoring of business statistics and assured maximization of profits due to which it was possible to accomplish revolutionary transformation in traction and growth of business. This comprised of numerous factors such as apt marketing strategies, e-commerce maintenance & online enquiry, active social media handling & integrated SEO, travel portal sites management, reputation management and creative services like banner, poster, logo designing. Highlighting the social media activation, special online campaigns relevant to the season, captivating storytelling visuals, real time conversations and interactions with the audience with regular informative blog posting were incorporated into the social media plan which brought about massive changes leading to the increase in online visibility of the brand, easier communication access with customers helped in efficient addressing of customer grievances. Along with this their integration with preferred travel portals like Yatra, Trivago, MakeMyTrip, and similar sites promoted business phenomenally resulting in an outstanding ten-fold plus (600%) boost in sales as compared to their last quarter.

Walking on similar lines, Le Collection-a popular brand for pre-owned luxury watches decided to create a space for themselves in the online sector. With customers having started trusting online markets and they becoming comfortable with digital trading, they understood the emphasis of a customer friendly setup in order to ease transactions and that was gained through smart website designing & development powered with e-commerce integration and SEO.

Looking at the rising number of brands implementing digital services there’s no two ways about portraying digitization as the zenith of the future brand-consumer interaction. Royal Garden Resorts and Le Collection chose to go ahead with Senseware Digital Agency to equip themselves with the new phase in the business and this proved to be a good addition to the booming digital revolution in India.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The significance of E-Commerce for Entrepreneurs in current era

To sustain longevity you have to Evolve. If you refuse to evolve or fail to see the change, then eventually you will dissolve. In today’s era businesses are evolving with rapidly emerging E-commerce.

The market is gradually changing. Technology and internet have become a daily necessity for people. Networking, researching, learning, gaining information and even shopping happens on the net. With this new growing technologies and easy access, Entrepreneurs are shifting towards online stores for tapping more market and enlarging their business.

A recent visit to Bandra Flea market left me amazed to find that even the home grown businesses, and smallest of startups have realised the potential of online market and have build their presence there through their Ecommerce stores. The Lil flea market had the most innovative pop up stores, consisting of bags, accessories, clothing, footwear, plants and experimental food. All these creative, out-of-the-ordinary stores were well equipped, with creative marketing on social media with high followers and a good Ecommerce website to attract and engage their customers to fulfill their  buying requirements through easy option.

To any visitor on the store asking for more options, all that they did was redirected them to their websites asking to buy that stuff online. This ensures us that how the market and buying behaviour of consumers have changed over the period of time.

Ecommerce have become so accessible that it is loved by consumers as well as the entrepreneurs. It brings them together and provides an open market. Online buying offers 24*7 consumer engagement through websites, emails, social media etc. leaving no opportunities/prospects unturned. Studies have shown that buying online have exponentially increased within last few years. In this hectic life, people find it comfortable to accomplish their task like shopping during night, or while travelling or just when they are bored. However, there are various reasons to buy online and the online shopping and motive differs from shoppers to shoppers.

According to Nielsen reports,

28 % of people shop online to stay informed and know the trends
27% of people shop online to find better deals for their products through variety of options
16% of people shop online only after going through online reviews
7 % of people compare on price shaving websites before making a purchase.
Understanding your users can immensely helps improve your customer relationship. Through various available online options for customer servicing and painless processes, entrepreneurs can easy identify the market demand and gap to satisfy their needs and thereby attain a satisfied customers. Shoppers prefer Ecommerce for various convenient reasons like avoiding physical trip to the store, carrying home heavy goods, anytime accessibility, availability of larger range of products, finding rare products and lastly to avail online competitive pricing benefits. This has definitely increased the online users and competition between Ecommerce portals.

As also for the entrepreneurs opening an Ecommerce store provides immense benefits. It has become easy for small and large business to buy a space on the web then the physical space. It is easy to handle and can work completely on demand basis. Storage cost reduces, effortlessly showcase the updates and communicate to your customers, economical for the start and certainly more effective than traditional business for small upscaling businesses.

These were some of the profound reasons why all those pop stores at lil flea market promoted their Ecommerce websites and emphasised on their online presents.

The market has changed greatly. Have you? Before your competitors eats your market share, take the next step and go online. First mover always have better opportunities. Realise your potentials and the power technology

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

5 Steps to improve your ranking on Google

Have you been pondering on why your website is not getting enough traffic? Why don’t you have any impressions on your website? or Why is it not leading to any conversions? If this is troubling you than it has a simple answer to it that your website is not being shown on google search results on the first page or even within first five pages of Google search result.  
But, all it requires is some efforts to create back links and good relevant content to feed Google. This can be effectively done through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) along with Google Ad words to see instant results leading to some business.
Follow these simple steps to rank your website on first page of Google. Experience the Power of relevant search results through SEO.

Quality of the content
For google what stands of high value is originality and relevance. More accurate the content more the chances of Google to rank you faster and better.  Your website content should consist of those keywords on which you want to rank high when searched on Google or any search engine. Updated your content regularly to get noticed by Google easily.  Include primary keywords in the page title, heading and the URL.
SEO is all about the content and words, so having a better quality content would help in long term acknowledgment and would lead to better results of your efforts.

Selecting Keywords
Keyword selection should be based on the kind of website and its content. It should be properly related to the content present on the website. Selecting a keyword based on its relevance is more necessary than looking for its searches over Google monthly/weekly.
When starting new it is advisable that we select long tailed keywords as per the industry, geography and the target market. This would help you fetch results faster, leading to more lead generation, conversion and website traffic in a specific time. This will make it more specific and and accurate for your company, you will end up getting the most interested client/customers than the irrelevant or experimental inquires.

Use Social Media to its Optimum
Social media platforms are a great way to spread back links among a large number of viewers. Through sharing they will provide you a chance to drive huge traffic to your website, if they find your content relevant and interesting. This will lead your website to rank better with lesser efforts.  Google considers sites with good amount of traffic over those with lesser traffic or higher bounce rates.
So sharing your messages creatively with including links to your website, that viewers can share along will help you create a higher place and position on the search engines.

Optimize Your Pages
Once you have created a quality content and published it, it is important to tell Google about it so that it makes easy for the user to find. So for this you require to create meta titles and descriptions that consist of your primary keywords. It is also important to write short paragraphs for Google search returns that describe your content the best, including the keywords on which you apply SEO.

Creating a Responsive Site/Mobile Friendly
Slowly but steadily everything is moving to smartphones. Phones are taking over the market due to its convenience and feasibility. It becomes helpful for users to view content and link easily in mobile while travelling and working on different things. If your site is not mobile friendly you will probably lose half of your market audience. This will lead to decrease in website traffic thereby affecting on your Google ranking. Effective back links will be created the most through mobile audience, visiting through various social media platforms.

Now, that you know how important is SEO and how does it work, go start boosting your website giving it a leverage to get more visitors.

Contact us if you need any help in this regards or would like to know more. We would be glad to help you.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Top 6 Reasons why your Business needs Blogging

Are you on the crunch of launching your brand? or looking out for best marketing options to reach out to the masses? Take a well aware step when you start to build your brand image, because “A Work Well begun is half done”. Today, blogging has become the most important tool to reach out to customers, identify potential customers, address their grievances and impart them with quality information. This will help build trust in people leaving a lasting impression that would pull them back to be connected to the brand.
There is lot more to blogging then what is just visible. Find out the top most important reasons to have a blog for your business.

  1. Blogs attract traffic for your business
Content is the quintessence of digital marketing and blogs are its purest form. Through which we can briefly communicate to the people. The keywords used in the content of the blog can drive traffic to your website, which can lead to effective sales. Search engine optimization give the best results for business which has effective blog content. Websites can be the face of your business but it can’t be updated frequently with changing information. Blogs can be the most viable source to provide updates and changing information.

  1. Makes customer engagement effective
Blogs are the best way to give information to your customers. This would help them keep updated and gain knowledge about their concerned product or services in depth. Business can get data on how their customers perceive the brand, this helps to understand their preferences and to identify the potential customers. Writing comments on the blogs engages masses leading to generating quick feedbacks for the brand. Also this helps addressing people’s concern building a strong brand image in the market.

  1. Most efficient way of communication
Building up a good product or service is just not enough in this highly competitive market. Talking about it, addressing people’s concern, being a problem solver and building long term customer relation stands foremost for building a brand name. Through this we can reach to right people, who can become one of the most loyal customers of the brand.
  1. Blogs increases brand value
Through developing highly relevant content that provides best knowledge will always lend credibility to the business. People will develop trust with consistently performed actions. Due to  which a sense of brand loyalty can be established.
  1. Captivates potential sales leads
Once you have captured a good amount of audience and have succeeded in creating engagement it will captivate the readers, which can later get converted to paying customers. Also it will attract huge amount of organizations and influencer, building contacts for the business. Blogs not only act as a source of information but also a lead generation tool for the companies.

  1. It leads to new idea
As it engages customers and professionals, it serves the brand’s purpose to know the trends and preference in the market. Understanding about the customer’s perspective can be developed, feedback can be received through discussions. Which will help extracting new ideas for the business and bring innovation in its approach.

Blogs shows a brand a new perspective to think and a wide scope of development. Right steps taken in right direction always bears fruitful results.